Our twenty-one years of expertise ensure our professionalism.

We are a business that exists solely to serve the needs of suckling pigs. Our own farms, slaughterhouse, cutting facility, and cold storage are all on-site.

BOPEPOR wants to develop its business activity in a responsible way, with integrity and high ethical standards.


Bopepor has an internal laboratory that is divided into several areas: an in-house trichinella testing laboratory, a microbiology laboratory and a water testing laboratory with its corresponding waste area. The lab team is responsible for assessing and documenting efficiency, safety and quality during the different processes.

Moreover, Bopepor’s Sanitary Service was accredited by the General Directorate of Health Assistance of the Government of Aragón to widen its assistance offer, authorising the company’s internal laboratory to do COVID-19 diagnostic tests.



Bopepor SL

From Innovation to Efficiency

We have opted for innovation and automation in the facilities as a whole with the incorporation of cutting-edge technology in the sector, adopting a safe and efficient production model, following the strictest regulations that guarantee compliance with the quality, food safety and traceability.

The Bopepor facilities stand out for implementing state-of-the-art technology by means of high-precision robots that guarantee an automated process with maximum efficiency in the different production stages, making Bopepor one of the safest, most efficient and productive pork processing infrastructures in Europe.